Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Pi at Christian Brothers University

Letter From Membership Vice President


Dear Potential New Member

Congratulations on your acceptance into Christian Brothers University and for picking our school as the next chapter of your life! Your first year here will be full of new friends, experiences and countless opportunities. One of those opportunities is to go through Formal Recruitment. Though to some it may be intimidating, it is truly a chance for you to find a home away from home. Formal Recruitment gives you the opportunity to find a place where you can comfortably be yourself and be surrounded by sisters who love and support you.

When I think of my own experience with recruitment, I can easily remember feeling anxious and unsure. However, I can also easily remember that anxiety and uncertainty washing away as soon as I got the chance to meet the girls that would become my friends and sisters for life. Further, I remember how no other feeling mattered when I experienced the excitement and pure joy that came with running home to my new sisters. Now my sisters and I anxiously await your arrival and the opportunity to share with you what makes our sisterhood so unique and worthwhile. The women that I have the honor to call my sisters are brilliant, courageous and authentically themselves. Over my past two years as an AXiD at CBU, those women have encouraged and pushed me to become a better version of myself and to achieve every single one of my goals. Alpha Xi Delta is sincerely a place where you can realize your potential.

As you take on Formal Recruitment this year, I encourage you to not lose sight of why you are here and why you are doing this. This is your opportunity to write your story and I only hope that my sisters and I get the chance to be a part in making your story great. So, make sure you take in every aspect and moment of the crazy, hectic week that is Recruitment. No matter how crazy it gets though, remember to focus on you, because at the end of the day, this is more than an Instagram post. These girls will be your future, your support system, your shoulder to cry on, your 3 AM phone call and go to lunch dates. They will be your family.

And by the end of that busy week, I hope you come to realize that no matter the outcome, there is, and always will be, a home for you at Alpha Xi Delta. We are a family through it all. A family that supports you through heartbreak, new jobs, tough courses and major successes. A family that builds you up and is always in your corner, never judging you, only accepting you and loving you. Alpha Xi Delta is where I found my home and my family, along with my sisters. We only hope that through your own experience, you are able to find the same.


Julia Kanawati