Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Pi at Christian Brothers University


Sofia Calvert

Position: Membership Vice President

Major: Early Childhood Education

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: Alpha Xi helps me realize my potential in so many facets of my life and has given me the best sisters to lean on in the bad times and celebrate with in the good times!

Jessica Morrison

​Position: Academic Achievement Director

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: Freshman year can be extremely difficult for many people in different ways. Without the friendship, love, support, and understanding of the women in Alpha Xi Delta, I would have felt so alone in my freshman struggles. I love that I can be my authentic self in front of so many women and be accepted and loved, there is no need to hide problems that are happening to you or to experience the pressure of making sure to say the right thing. Of course, AxiD women are loads of fun! Whether it be bonding poolside or at the dances, I can count on smiling, laughing, and just having a great time with my ladies. The bond between all of us is something mysterious, one can only truly understand it by being part of it. I love Alpha Xi Delta!

Christine Mahoney

Position: External Philanthropy and Assistant New MOD

Major: Natural Science 

​Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: I love AXiD because I feel like I have finally found my support system.

Jacqueline Conlan

Position: Chapter Life Vice President

Major: Psychology

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: I love that I always have someone to go to if I ever need anything. 

Hailey Wakefield

Position: President 

Major: Biochemistry 

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: It connected me with some amazing girls, like my big, little, and really the whole chapter. It also played a big part in developing my leadership abilities and social skills.

Shawna Houston

Position: New Member Orientation Director 

Major: Natural Science with a Minor in Psychology

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: All of my sisters never fail to make me feel loved and appreciated. AXiD has helped me grow in so many ways and given me so many amazing opportunities.

Annie Posey

Position: Philanthropy Vice President 

Major: Special Education

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: It gives me a group of girls that I can always count on. They become not only Xisters but really become your Sisters

Megan Wilson

Position: Communications Vice President 

Major: Natural Science with a Minor in Psychology

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: It has brought me best friends, leadership opportunities, and most importantly a home away from home.

Maddie Bickerstaff

Position: Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation Director

​Major: Cyber Security 

Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: I love AXiD because of how fast it became my "home away from home". I am an only child and I came from a super tiny town. I was super nervous about making friends and finding my place here at CBU. The girls during recruitment were so nice and made me feel so welcomed. I feel like I've finally found my place and learned the meaning of sisterhood.